Grand Master Steve Deluna was born September 11, 1949 in Dallas,
TX. He attended Sam Houston Elementary T.J. Rusk Jr. High and
Crozier Tech High School.
Mr. Deluna grew up in the Maple Avenue area in Dallas, TX. In 1960 Mr.
Deluna met Preston D. Hale, who at the time was a brown belt under
Jhoon Rhee, father of Tae Kwon Do in America. During this, Mr. Hale at
the time gave lessons in the downtown YMCA and in the hallways of the
Dallas County Juvenile Home.
1960 - 1969
Mr. Hale soon moved his class to the infamous building at Throckmorton
and Maple Avenue. It was rumored that the floor was painted red, to
hide the blood splattered during sparring. This was tough bare knuckles
karate.  Bill Neil and John Shepard are a few of the distinguished
students of this area. Throughout Mr. Deluna's school  years he became
known as the "karate kid"
1970 - 1980
Mr. Deluna continued to train with Mr. Hale and began teaching as a
Red Belt at the East Dallas Christian Church. The church provided
under-privileged and troubled youth to learn karate. It was karate at its
toughest. Bruises, broken bones and knockouts were common bare
knuckle karate.
In 1973, Mr. Deluna received his black belt and continued teaching in
east Dallas. till 1980. Mr. Deluna had build a reputation for tough well
conditioned fighters. On several occasions Deluna Karate Academy
would be invited by the tough Texas karate Instituted schools. Both
schools would square off. The fights were memorable, this school
produced many notable black belts, Flo Flores, Ralph Granado,
Sergio Gutierrez, also the Alonzo and Salinas Families. From these
black belts, Delunas students started to branch out and open schools
throughout the Dallas/Ft.Worth metroplex.
1980 - 1990
The East Dallas Christian Church closed its gym as a result of
expansion efforts, so Mr. Deluna began the Deluna Karate Academy
at Reverchon Recreational center in Dallas, TX. Eventually, Mr.
Deluna moved his school to Granger Park in Garland, TX. The
1980's & 90's produced another generation of students and black
belts. Lance  Blakey and his son Bobby, Tony Trujillo, Harvey
Arriega were just a few of the outstanding instructors and fighters of
the era. The Deluna karate tree continued to grow and expand, still
under the unbrella of Mr. Preston D. Hale and the Texas Tae Kwon
Do Federation. During the late 90's Mr. Deluna went into
semi-retirement and began teaching privately to prepare a few
students for full contact fighting circuits.
1999 - Present
In 2000 Mr. Deluna could not stay away and began teaching again in
a small school in downtown Dallas. In 2005 Mr. Deluna after 45
years of karate was promoted to 10th Degree Grand Master, by his
instructor Grand Master Preston D. Hale on Sept. 11, 2005. The
event was witnessed by over 30 Black Belts. Grand Master Steve
Deluna and KJN Sergio M. Gutierrez partnered and shared in the
Instruction at the Deluna Karate Academy at Reverchon Park in
Dallas, TX . In June 2005 GM Deluna and KJN Gutierrez founded
the Texas Martial Arts Federation.
Notable Achievements & Awards
*Mr. P.D. Hale's 1st Black Belt and presently 10th degree Grand

*48 years in Karate
*40 Black Belts under his Direction
*Awards from the city of Dallas and the greater YMCA of Dallas for
his work with the Dallas youth and his contributions to the Dallas
*Recognized by the Texas Tae Kwon Do Federation (TTKDF) for 35
years of teaching.
*TTKDF Black Belt of the year in 1991
*Featured in Karate Illustrated during the 1970's as
"The Mexican Fire Bull"
in a close fight against the great Demetrius "The Greek" Havanas
Mr. Deluna was 2nd to Mr. Hale and is one of the main branches of
the P.D. Hale Karate tree. The Deluna Karate Academy is dedicated
to continuing the same beliefs set forth by Sinjo Preston D. Hale
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