Scott Hart
 Scott Hart is an assistant instructor at the Blakey Tae Kwon Do class in Rowlett, TX.  He
earned his Black Belt in 2006.  He started competing in regional tournaments as a yellow
belt in 2001 and is still competing today as a Black Belt.  He has placed in the top three
positions no less than 40 times.  He has won silver and bronze medals in the Amateur
Organization of Karate State Finals in both 2003 and 2005.

  Scott has also earned a 1st Place championship for sparring and 2nd place for Kata in
the 2006 Texas Karate Organization State competition.  

 Scott has also done several fight scenes for independent films such as Never Settle
Films and BDG Entertainment.   He has been practicing the Song Moo Kwan style of Tae
Kwon Do under the instruction of Bobby Blakey.  He is a member of the Texas Martial
Arts Federation and has been recognized by the Texas Tae Kwon Do Federation,
Amateur Organization of Karate, The Texas Karate Organization and the World Black Belt
Bureau.  He has participated in several Tae Kwon Do Demonstrations and Self Defense
  Scott earned his 2nd degree Black Belt on August 22, 2009