Bobby Blakey
  Bobby Blakey began the martial arts in 1983 at the age of 9 at the DeLuna Karate Academy in
Garland, under Grand Master Steve DeLuna.  He earned his black belt at the age of 16 and at the time
was the youngest black belt in the Texas Tae Kwon Do Federation. Between his start and earning the
black belt, he was an avid tournament competitor, ranked in the top 3 in forms and top 5 in fighting
under the TTKDF.

 In 1994 at age 20, Bobby took over the Rowlett branch of Blakey’s Tae Kwon Do, from his father
Lance Blakey. That same year, Bobby won black belt of the year from the Texas Tae Kwon Do
Federation. During his 15 years of teaching, he has made 12 black belts and currently has around 35
students enrolled.  He is currently a 5th degree black belt and a board member of the Texas Martial Arts
Federation, in charge of the Garland / Rowlett area.

 After receiving his 2nd degree black belt, Bobby began studying various styles of martial arts, including
Thai boxing, Aikido, and Southern Shaolin Kung Fu. In 2003, he began doing fight choreography and
stunt work for various independent films including Mute and A Matter of Timing for Never Settle Films.  
In 2005, he formed BDG Entertainment, where he wrote, directed, and did the fight/stunt work for
various films including Torment and Reality Check. In 2007 he co-founded Cloud Street Entertainment
to develop TV and movie projects, and signed on with Midwest Talent Agency in Los Angeles in 2008.

 In 2009, he was awarded the Black belt of the Year 08’ and the Steve DeLuna Warrior of the Year 08’
under the Texas Martial Arts Federation. Currently Bobby resides in Rowlett, where he teaches at
Blakey’s Tae Kwon Do. He also currently study’s Iss-Hogai Jujitsu under Grand Mast Duanne Ethington
and Capoeria under G-Force Entertainment founder Mike Garcia.